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Silas Gupton's Story

April 10, 2018

Lisa Gupton brought her family into Precision Eye Group so that she, her husband, and their three kids could all get their eyes checked. Little did they know that at the end of the appointment, all five of them would be leaving with glasses!

Their youngest child, Silas, was 4 years old at the time. Silas only knew about a handful of his uppercase letters and was behind developmentally compared to his older two siblings at the same stage. At first, his parents thought it was just a delay from his medical issues. No one had suspected that he couldn’t see.

During his first exam, Silas saw Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey dilated his eyes and gave him glasses to try on. Immediately Silas exclaimed, “That’s a 3!” His parents were shocked that all that was wrong was that he just couldn’t see.

At the end of their appointment, they ordered Silas his first pair of glasses and he started wearing them right away. Around Christmastime, his parents knew he was making progress because Silas knew all of his upper and lower case letters and was learning at an incredible rate. It was then that his parents had confirmation that the only issue Silas was having was seeing clearly.

Lisa talking in detail about their experience explained, “It turned out to be a very good experience for our family. We are so happy that he can see now and is doing really well.”

When asked what made Precision Eye Group different than other places they’ve visited before, Lisa said, “I really trusted Dr. Bailey with our kids which was a really big deal for me. We have three kids, ages 4, 6, and 8. Going somewhere where we trusted the doctors was really helpful for me. It was a great experience and Dr. Bailey was wonderful with our kids. Our kids were all excited about getting glasses. All of that made Precision Eye Group head and shoulders above anybody else.”

Now visiting Dr. Bailey and Precision Eye Group is one of Silas’s favorite things to do. He has made a great friend in Dr. Bailey and they regularly pop into the office just to say hi because of the great relationships they have made with the PEG staff.

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